animate being

animate being
a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
Syn: ↑animal, ↑beast, ↑brute, ↑creature, ↑fauna
Derivationally related forms: ↑create (for: ↑creature), ↑beastly (for: ↑beast), ↑bestial (for: ↑beast), ↑animalize (for: ↑animal), ↑animalise (for: ↑animal)
Members of this Topic:
crested, ↑topknotted, ↑tufted, ↑bone-covered, ↑free-swimming, ↑unattached, ↑hispid, ↑flesh-eating, ↑meat-eating, ↑zoophagous, ↑plant-eating, ↑phytophagic, ↑phytophagous, ↑phytophilous, ↑all-devouring, ↑insectivorous, ↑epizootic, ↑adult, ↑big, ↑full-grown, ↑fully grown, ↑grown, ↑grownup, ↑half-blooded, ↑half-bred, ↑half-breed, ↑registered, ↑unregistered, ↑gregarious, ↑social, ↑sacrifice, ↑ritual killing, ↑trailing, ↑tracking, ↑microorganism, ↑micro-organism, ↑actinomycete, ↑trap, ↑humaneness, ↑body, ↑organic structure, ↑physical structure, ↑side, ↑nose, ↑diet, ↑vector, ↑transmitter, ↑sitter, ↑stander, ↑wart, ↑schistosome dermatitis, ↑swimmer's itch, ↑bone, ↑debone, ↑domesticate, ↑tame, ↑domesticize, ↑domesticise, ↑reclaim, ↑drench, ↑crop, ↑graze, ↑pasture
Hypernyms: ↑organism, ↑being
pest, ↑critter, ↑creepy-crawly, ↑darter, ↑peeper, ↑homeotherm, ↑homoiotherm, ↑homotherm, ↑poikilotherm, ↑ectotherm, ↑range animal, ↑varmint, ↑varment, ↑scavenger, ↑work animal, ↑domestic animal, ↑domesticated animal, ↑feeder, ↑migrator, ↑molter, ↑moulter, ↑pet, ↑stayer, ↑stunt, ↑marine animal, ↑marine creature, ↑sea animal, ↑sea creature, ↑female, ↑male, ↑adult, ↑young, ↑offspring, ↑thoroughbred, ↑purebred, ↑pureblood, ↑giant, ↑survivor, ↑mutant, ↑herbivore, ↑insectivore, ↑acrodont, ↑pleurodont, ↑zooplankton, ↑embryo, ↑conceptus, ↑fertilized egg, ↑chordate, ↑invertebrate, ↑metazoan, ↑omnivore, ↑predator, ↑predatory animal, ↑prey, ↑quarry, ↑game, ↑hexapod, ↑biped, ↑larva, ↑racer, ↑fictional animal, ↑captive, ↑mate
Member Holonyms: ↑Animalia, ↑kingdom Animalia, ↑animal kingdom
Substance Meronyms: ↑animal tissue
Part Meronyms: ↑head, ↑caput, ↑face

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